B04 Sparsity promoting patterns in kinetic hierarchies

Kinetic differential equations describe transport processes in particle systems on the basis of distribution functions. In this project moment closures for kinetic equations are discussed based on minimization of sparsity promoting functionals. We will deal with the mathemat- ical analysis and the development of suitable numerical schemes for this new approach. A particular focus will be on admissible closure relations and on the case of linear Boltzmann equations.

Project Leaders
Postdoctoral Researcher


  • N. Kolbe

    Numerical relaxation limit and outgoing edges in a central scheme for networked conservation laws

    Journal Article, Contribution to a conference proceedings pp. 1-6, 2023

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  • E. Steins, T. Bui-Thanh, M. Herty, S. Müller

    Probabilistic constrained Bayesian inversion for transpiration cooling

    Journal Article International journal for numerical methods in fluids | Vol. 94, no. 12, 2022

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