B06 Kinetic theory meets algebraic systems theory

We study certain families of ODE control systems that are parametrized by their state space dimension N. Our goal is to consider the kinetic limit as N tends to infinity and to study if and how structural properties and invariant manifolds of the ordinary differential equation (ODE) systems carry over to the limiting partial differential equation (PDE). We will first investigate the autonomous case and then we will focus on closed loop control. Admissible feedback laws will be selected according to sparsity criteria. We plan to use and develop both numerical and symbolic software to tackle such problems.

Project Leaders
Doctoral Researcher


  • B06
    M. Harms, C. Schilli, E. Zerz

    Invariant sets for a class of nonlinear control systems tractable by symbolic computation

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  • N. Kolbe

    Numerical relaxation limit and outgoing edges in a central scheme for networked conservation laws

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  • E. Steins, T. Bui-Thanh, M. Herty, S. Müller

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